About Baypren®


Chloroprene rubber (international abbreviation: CR) is a high-performance material with a wide diversity of applications. Along with Bayer’s other synthetic rubber products, Baypren® has been produced and distributed by LANXESS AG since 2005. In April 1957, Bayer became the first company to manufacture CR in Europe when it opened its production plant in Leverkusen, Germany. Since then, in addition to making ongoing improvements to the production process and developing products to match market requirements, the company has placed  special emphasis on the development of new applications for Baypren®. Process and application-oriented formulations have been developed for modern  manufacturing methods and for a large number of end-uses. The formulations and the properties of the individual products have been constantly adapted to meet the more challenging requirements of today’s production processes and end-users.

Baypren® is the name of the ARLANXEO range of polymers based on 2-chloro-1,3-butadiene (chloroprene), which are manufactured by waterbased emulsion polymerization in the presence of emulsifiers, activators etc. The importance of Baypren® is derived essentially from its attractive combination of key  technical properties that is unmatched by any other kind of rubber at a  comparable price. This has led to the development of many product variants to meet diverse requirements. Articles made from appropriately formulated Baypren® compounds are suitable for moldings and extrudates of all types, reinforced hoses, roll covers, belting, including conveyor belts, air spring bellows, cable sheathing and insulation for low-voltage cables, sponge rubber, including open and closedcell sponge rubber, corrosion-resistant linings, sheeting, fabric proofings and footwear (boots). The flame-retardant behavior of Baypren® vulcanizates can be adjusted to meet special requirements. Since 2005 Baypren® has been produced and distributed together with the other technical rubber products by ARLANXEO.