High Performance

The products in this new Baypren® line feature significant improvements to specific key properties and thus extend the range of applications for chloroprene rubber.

The High Performance products - Baypren® HP M010 VP and Baypren® HP M210 VP - provide particularly low Mooney viscosities that are unprecedented on a production scale. The advantages of low viscosity lie in longer flow paths during injection molding and lower energy consumption during mixing and extrusion. This is helpful during processing and for optimizing injection molding and extrusion.

It also makes ARLANXEO the first rubber manufacturer to respond to the industry's demand for polychloropene grades with enhanced flow properties.


The lower viscosity delivers key processing benefits:

  • Better flowability
  • Higher throughput
  • Reduced die swell
  • Lower energy consumption for extrusion
  • Less 'nerve'
  • Suitable for compounding with CR of a higher viscosity
  • Low scorching tendency
  • Adjustable crosslinking
  • Reduced marching modulus


Mechanical properties such as stress-strain behaviour and hardness remain excellent despite the lower viscosity, making the products ideal for use in cables, hoses and profiles. Product variants are available with slow or medium crytallization rates to suit the relevant temperature range. Optimized variants have also been developed for MTT crosslinking systems such as EU. Fast vulcanization combined with low-viscosity Baypren® HP has two big advantages - easy processing and optimized crosslinking.

(UML 1+4.
100 °C)
Baypren® HP M010 VP< 35slow+
Baypren® HP M01S VP< 35slow0
Baypren® HP M210 VP< 35medium+
Baypren® HP M21S VP< 35medium0

UML, unpretreated Mooney rotor: large

+ Rapid crosslinking           0 Standard crosslinking