Green Finishing

As an international speciality chemicals group, we bear a major responsibilty toward people and the environment. Safety, environmental protection and quality are key components of our strategy at ARLANXEO. The innovative production process we have developed reflects this commitment, using less water, no natural gas for drying and no ammonia, a coolant that is harmful to the environment. This also conserves resources.

Vulcanization accelerates are needed to vulcanize rubber. One feature of the new Baypren® GF products is their optimeized crosslinking with N-methyl-thiazolidine-2-thione (MTT), a vulcanization accelerator that poses no handling risks. This speeds up the crosslinking process and makes it easy to contorl. It also opens up new possibilities - especially in applications such as cables and foams, where rapid vulcanization is vital.


Further properties:

  • Various viscosity ranges
  • Slow and medium crystallization rates
  • Merapan (M)- and xanthogen disulfite (XD)-modified grades
  • Optimized crosslinking characteristics with MTT
  • Faster MTT
  • Adjustable crosslinking options
  • Reduced marching modulus


The new Baypren® GF products are still modified using mercaptan or xanthogen disulfide. The Green Finishing products in the xanthogen disulfide series exhibit very good properties, with superior strength, tear propagation resistance and filability as the mercaptan grades.



(UML 1+4,
Baypren® GF M020 VP47 +/- 10slow+
Baypren® GF M02S VP47 +/- 10slow0
Baypren® GF M220 VP60 +/- 10medium+
Baypren® GF M22S VP60 +/- 10medium0
XD-modified grades
Baypren® GF X020 VP76 +/- 10slow+
Baypren® GF X02S VP76 +/- 10slow0
Baypren® GF X220 VP53 +/- 10medium+
Baypren® GF X 22S VP53 +/- 10medium0

Un-massed Mooney, Large rotor

+ Rapid crosslinking        0 Standard crosslinking