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New Baypren® stretching the limits of CR

For decades, the name Baypren® has been synonymous with high-performance chloroprene
rubber (CR).
ARLANXEO is one of the leading manufacturers of chloroprene rubbers worldwide. Baypren® is a premium versatile elastomer with a unique combination of high flexibility, dynamic load-bearing capacitiy and resistance to both chemicals and weathering. This makes it the material of choice for a multitude of rubber applications, so it's hardly surprising that Baypren® is found in a whole host of different rubber products.

Synthetic rubber is an integral part of the ARLANXEO portfolio. The speciality chemicals company is comitted to ongoing investment in process technology and product innovation so as to match the Baypren® portfolio as closely as possible to its customers' needs. Our technical service with well-equipped laboratories provides customers across the globe with reliable support.

Following many years of research and development work on chloroprene rubber, two new Baypren® products lines are now launched: